Table of Contents

1. The ~λ Zone

You have entered the Tilambda zone!

The Tilambda Zone is Tilambda's official website written with love and Emacs.

Note: This website is largely incomplete as this is a new project.

1.1. What's a Tilambda?

Tilambda (or ~λ stylized or ~lambda if you think it must start with a tilde) is a group of like-minded folk.

Specifically, our community focuses on free culture, software, and hardware.

If you want to join, see the registration form.

1.2. Services

Name Clearnet Tor I2P Comment
The Tilambda Zone 1 n/a n/a  
Gitolite see comment n/a n/a See this manual page on how to use it.
CGit 1      

This list is quite small, since we are just beginning :)

1.3. Copyright

Copyright (C) 2023, Daniel [REDACTED] <>

This page and/or file is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. A human-readable summary is available here.